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Parnia Kavir Yazd established in 2004, coveres an area of 26000 sqm in Ashkzar Province. After several years of development, our company has built up a perfect management and organization system and has accumulated rich experience in the production, processing and exportation of agricultural products. Our products have been exported to Iraq, Pakistan and Afganistan. PKY started cooperation with Iran’s agriculture support service (supplier of subsidiary fertilizers in Iran) in 2005 by signing the contract to produce various kinds of Macro fertilizers for gardening and agriculture and so far has produced and delivered over 10,000 mt of its contract for Macro fertilizers. I order to increase non-oil exports in Iran, PKY has exported more than 8000 tons of compound fertilizers (np, npk) to Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan which has taken an effective steps to strengthen exchange for the country. PKY’s management is determined to raise efficiency in agricultural fields in the country by involving agricultural engineers and local experts to produce and supply required products for each region.

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